New Years Studio Blog Hop

I think most people believe that an artist studio should be romantic, should be gorgeous, should be overlooking a farm or a pond and these days should even be feng shui correct.  I must confess, although I dream of this type of studio,   it is not my studio. I have a little studio envy.  I look around at the blogs and everywhere I turn is a magazine-style studio. They say in life we must enjoy what we have, be in the moment, not live our lives in  the hopes of one day having what we don't have. I have decided to break free of studio envy and bring purrrfect  love into my studio.  This is my new studio-cat-in-training, she has been exploring the studio, and trying to mark her territory, oh no she has hijacked my drafting chair. Meet the Queen of Sheba. You can call her Sheba or you can even call her the future queen of Sue's studio.



My studio is a place I escape from the world around me and put myself into what I'm creating.    I might not have a picturesque surrounding, but my pictures are in my head and they come out onto the paper.   It's a good thing my studio doesn't look too good or I would not want to do much work.
I would just want to hang around, probably just enjoy the glamorous studio. Having a simple functional studio can be a good thing!!


 This pencil holder is my new favorite studio decor.  This was a home made gift from my  sweet son. What more could  a mom want for her studio?..........


Paint & lots of refrence books !



Update:  My kitten has grown  quite a bit since I took the studio cat pictures. She seems to have found a new throne in the living room (the pretty room).



Thanks for visiting my studio .

Hop over and visit my talented friends as they welcome in the New Year with a Studio Tour-





The coolest pirate PJ pants

 I discovered a wonderful blog, Jeanette creates all kinds of beautiful things, please check out her blog.  I was so excited when I found her Gone Haunting pirate pants. These  PJs are not just to be enjoyed at Halloween, they make great attire to wear to your next pirate party. I just adore them  and the fun pictures she took.  Jeanette thank you so much for letting me share the pictures on my blog, your baby is adorable also.



Me, Myself & Dyslexia

Hi Everyone,

I recently did an interview on a blog. The blog is from Nancy Barth who is a tutor and teaches children with special needs, in particular those with dyslexia and autism. Thanks for inviting me to do this Nancy! I hope it can help inspire others with learning challenges to follow there dreams.

I hope everyone is enjoying the fall season! It seems the leaves on the trees are not falling so fast in my area.

Sue Zipkin fall art



Thank you Stacy Lindblom

I would like to introduce Stacy Lindblom, she has come for a visit and she brings a lovely story and a  beautiful quilt design using my Gone Haunting fabric.

  Thanks so much to Sue Zipkin for asking me to be a guest blogger. Not only has she inspired me to make a beautiful quilt but she's inspired me to begin blogging again (it's been about a year since my last post). My name is Stacy Lindblom and I've been an avid 'fabric collector' since I was a little girl. Beads, buttons, ribbons......all are lovely but fabric is my true love. I started sewing clothes for my dolls as soon as I could hold a needle and thread and I began quilting about ten years ago. I'm in my forties now and wish I hadn't waited all those years to 'find' quilting. But trust me, I've made up for lost time. My stash is HUGE!!
  I was surfing the Jolly Jabber one day and came across Sue's Halloween fabric, Gone Haunting. I instantly fell in love with this funky, fabulous fabric line! I immediately emailed Sue and let her know that I couldn't wait to get my hands on Gone Haunting. She asked me to please send her a picture of my project so here it is!


I adore Halloween and each year, my husband and I throw a Halloween party at our house. We have friends and family come from far away to attend the party stay the night with us. I've made about a dozen Halloween quilts so each guest gets to sleep under a different spooky quilt. The pattern is called Parking Lot (named by my husband because he thinks that's what it looks like) and it's my first try at putting a pattern together.
 I hope you enjoy the quilt. I love it and this one will be laying on MY bed this year!









Blogging at the Jolly Jabber!!

  I am honored and delighted to have had the opportunity to be a guest blogger agin at the Jolly Jabber.   I was able to talk about my new Gone Haunting fabric collection by Clothworks. This group is currently in shops all over the country and online. This collection can be found at the Fat Quarter Shop  a wonderful online store.  Please take a look. If you create any projects with this fabric or any of my fabric, please send me some pictures, I would love to share your work.


"Be Inspired" and be original!

Myself and a group of friends and colleagues have been discussing the issue of copyright infringement (copying someone else's artwork) versus being inspired by  art and other things to create artwork. Brenda Pinnick came up with an idea for all of us to have a blog hop to share a bit on the subject in order to educate and spread the word about originality.

There is a big difference between being inspired by other artists and copying them.  For many of us who were trained artists and went to art school we learned that using reference material was a great thing. We also learned that if you're working with photographs  using   someone else's image you cannot just trace that picture, re paint it and call it your own, however you can study some of the elements such as trying to understand what a particular flower might look like from a front view or back view.   You can take your own photograph,  repaint  exactly the way you see it and that is not copyright infringement because the photograph is your own creation.  This is a painting that I did from my own photography. This would NOT be ok if this was not my own photo, the reason is I used the exact composition, color etc. I have created a very rough drawing showing you an example of how it would be ok to use reference as inspiration when looking at others photographs.





ROUGH SKETCH (it would be ok for another person to use my above photograph as reference and inspiration in this way below). The rose is an image from nature so I could have found this flower position and a similar shape in nature.


 I would like to share with you the artwork of one of my most inspiring artist friends Chris Chun.   I have only known him for a few years but when I first laid eyes on his work my heart was touched deeply, he has the ability to capture nature and other beauty using traditional elements, but adding his own whimsical new refreshing vision. Chris has posted something about this topic today also,   his examples are perfect as to being inspired by ideas using things he saw and loved,  in a way that is perfectly legitimate  and original. Click for his post.

I think it's wonderful that so many people are enjoying crafts and being creative.   I think everyone has an inner voice to share artistically even those who say they cannot draw or paint.   Many people are purchasing all kinds of scrapbook papers and products for craft projects and using them to create new designs, that's a great thing,  however some of them don't understand that they cannot copyright that work and say it is  their own. There are many images that are in the public domain that people can work with legally and do not infringe others copyrights (for example Dover art has many books).  I highly recommend that those who would like to do something commercially and need some other art to work with use PD images, people can create something beautiful with those images and as long as they do something unique they can claim a copyright on it.

I apologize if this blog post is a little confusing to some, I struggle with the written word,  hopefully what I am try to share makes sense. I always tell people when they asked me if I have any tips on how to earn a living from their artwork as I do.  I say " firstly find your inner voice , it is okay to look around and be inspired however make sure whatever you do  is truly original and is not you trying to be somebody else."

UPDATE: Below is an example of a situation were an artist was told to use my designs as inspiration to create some new art.  As you can see why this would most likely be considered copyright infringement and is not an acceptable way to be inspired by another artist.  This happened years ago and i had a chance to chat with the artist direct and she was very lovely and just did not understand this crossed over the line. Thankfully her agent removed it from his offerings before licensing it to any one. 

The artwork was something already on the market so the artist had access to the two images togther.  Can you guess what design is not mine?


I would like to thank all my friends and colleagues  who have been sharing  about  this topic and bringing it to the attention of others who might not understand the difference between copying and being inspired. Here are the other artists who have participated in the hop.

Take time for tagging.....

I have been tagged by my dear friend and colleague Diane Knott . For those of you who are familiar with Diane Knott's wonderful artwork.  I need not say more. For those of you who do not know about Diane's fabulous artwork, please visit her website and blog. Diane I enjoyed reading your fun facts!!

I normally do not like chain letters, however, I think being tagged is a little bit different and fun, you get to share a bit about yourself that you normally would not share and connect with other people and learn about them. I hope what I'm about to share in my  Tag post is not too weird...LOL

Tag rules:

1. Link to the tagger!

2. Share 7 random or wierd facts about yourself.

3. Tag 7 people, post their names and links to their blogs on your blog.

4. Tell the 7 people you tagged by posting "Tag you're it" on their blogs in their comments box and explain the "rules" to them. Nobody's obligated! Just have fun!

1. I was never able to learn how to ride a two wheeler bicycle, I gave up trying.  I was unable to balance.  I suspect it was my dyslexia.

2. I do not drive a car.   I have trouble with space and right and left and other things of that nature.  I do not want to be a risk on the road to others. Side note: There are many people with dyslexia who drive and have no problems.  There are many people who drive who do not have dyslexia and have problems!!

3. I am fascinated by the possibility of ghosts , though I am a skeptic.

4. When I was younger I was known for my very long fingernails. I used to let them grow and grow and grow. When they fell off I would then save them. Somewhere hiding in my home is a pile of old fingernails....(believe it or not...LOL)

5. My favorite artist years ago WAS Hieronymus Bosch. I wanted to be a fantasy illustrator when I was in art school at "  School of Visual Arts " and draw things with creepy fingernails .  If you're familiar with SVA. Many of us wanted to draw creepy things.

6. I had a crush on a rock star back in the early  80s. My dream was to meet him. I created an illustration and managed to get backstage to give it to him. When he realized I actually created it for him, and it wasn't just something I clipped out of a magazine. He looked at me and said "you did this for me".
He then blushed and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Drum roll please: Steven Tyler of Areosmith.

7. I love to cook, however the idea of pulling out the gizzards from a turkey really creeps me out.

The blogs I've tagged so far ( I am very  new at blogging so it might take me some more time to tag 4 others)