Thank you Simone!!

 I'm so excited and grateful,  to be receiving  this adorable Halloween bag. This was created using my gone hunting fabric.   This beauty was created by Simone de Klerk  .

Aaa 014

 Simone has been so kind to me.  I'm not really good at keeping up with this blog, and that sort of thing, and when I do manage to post Simone has been so sweet and kind with comments over the years.  She is from the Netherlands, a different world,  it is amazing how you can make a kind friend so many wiles away that you never even meet. I was totally blown away to hear that she made me this adorable bag. Thank you so much Simone, I will treasure it always!

This beauty is currently in transit, I can't wait to see it and start my Halloween a little early this year! 

You can see more great pictures of this on Simone's blog.  Look at all of the details and fun features!!!

Fun in Atlanta

Recently I ventured outside of my studio to visit a gift show at Americas Mart in Atlanta.  This is a huge trade show, where buyers come from all over the world to purchase products for their stores. I had a wonderful time.  I had an opportunity to connect with some of my favorite clients and see some of my new product releases. I also had a chance to visit with my dear sweet artists friends.

This is a my new melamine collection coming out with Merrit International.


This is my new dinnerware collection by Certified International called Hot & Saucy .


Below are some of my new spring summer flag designs with Magent Works .


Magnet Works had a very special event at the show.  Artists where invited to stop by for a slice of pie. We had a wonderful time. I was given the honor of creating artwork for the invitation.


Below are some new  Mailwraps covers from Magnet Works with my designs coming out for Spring.


Myself and my dear  friend Beth Logan are pictured below, pausing with our frog flags at Magnet Works. You can never have too many frog flags.


I found some new rug designs with my artwork on them at Jelly Bean .



Here is a my new recipe collection that featured in a window display at Brownlow.


I was able to spend some time with the wonderful folks at Leanin' Tree. Below pictured is myself and and the lovely Susan January, she has taught me so much over the years about what art might work on a Greeting card. I do not have a  picture to share of the other great people that I got to catch up with at Leanin' Tree .


This is the artists friends gathering. I wish I had more time to chat with everyone. 


(pictured not in any order)

Terri Conrad, Paula Joerling, Joyce Shelton-Metz, BJ Lantz, Cherish Flieder, Gina L Putman Wilder, J Wecker Frisch, Jane Maday, Sharon Himes, Robin Davis, Shelly Dillon Comiskey, Beth Yarbrough, Phyllis Mitchell Dobbs, Beth Logan, Sue Zipkin, Audrey Jeanne Roberts, Robin Pickens and Karen Howell Embry, Sharla Fults.

New Years Studio Blog Hop

I think most people believe that an artist studio should be romantic, should be gorgeous, should be overlooking a farm or a pond and these days should even be feng shui correct.  I must confess, although I dream of this type of studio,   it is not my studio. I have a little studio envy.  I look around at the blogs and everywhere I turn is a magazine-style studio. They say in life we must enjoy what we have, be in the moment, not live our lives in  the hopes of one day having what we don't have. I have decided to break free of studio envy and bring purrrfect  love into my studio.  This is my new studio-cat-in-training, she has been exploring the studio, and trying to mark her territory, oh no she has hijacked my drafting chair. Meet the Queen of Sheba. You can call her Sheba or you can even call her the future queen of Sue's studio.



My studio is a place I escape from the world around me and put myself into what I'm creating.    I might not have a picturesque surrounding, but my pictures are in my head and they come out onto the paper.   It's a good thing my studio doesn't look too good or I would not want to do much work.
I would just want to hang around, probably just enjoy the glamorous studio. Having a simple functional studio can be a good thing!!


 This pencil holder is my new favorite studio decor.  This was a home made gift from my  sweet son. What more could  a mom want for her studio?..........


Paint & lots of refrence books !



Update:  My kitten has grown  quite a bit since I took the studio cat pictures. She seems to have found a new throne in the living room (the pretty room).



Thanks for visiting my studio .

Hop over and visit my talented friends as they welcome in the New Year with a Studio Tour-





Thank you Jane!

 It is always exciting  for me to hear about sightings of my designs on products in stores, however what is even more delightful is when someone takes a picture to show me what they have found.  Jane Maday,  my dear friend and colleague was so kind as to send me this picture.

  Sue's certified

She went on a tour of the Celestial Seasonings Tea Factory and found this in the gift shop. I was so excited to see how they combined the two patterns, Tea Garden and Rose Garden  and featured them on this lovely hutch ( I am drooling to own).  I just want to thank Jane for her thoughtfulness, if you have not had a chance to see her beautiful artwork please visit her blog and take a look around. They are also selling some of Jane's designs at the shop.

"Be Inspired" and be original!

Myself and a group of friends and colleagues have been discussing the issue of copyright infringement (copying someone else's artwork) versus being inspired by  art and other things to create artwork. Brenda Pinnick came up with an idea for all of us to have a blog hop to share a bit on the subject in order to educate and spread the word about originality.

There is a big difference between being inspired by other artists and copying them.  For many of us who were trained artists and went to art school we learned that using reference material was a great thing. We also learned that if you're working with photographs  using   someone else's image you cannot just trace that picture, re paint it and call it your own, however you can study some of the elements such as trying to understand what a particular flower might look like from a front view or back view.   You can take your own photograph,  repaint  exactly the way you see it and that is not copyright infringement because the photograph is your own creation.  This is a painting that I did from my own photography. This would NOT be ok if this was not my own photo, the reason is I used the exact composition, color etc. I have created a very rough drawing showing you an example of how it would be ok to use reference as inspiration when looking at others photographs.





ROUGH SKETCH (it would be ok for another person to use my above photograph as reference and inspiration in this way below). The rose is an image from nature so I could have found this flower position and a similar shape in nature.


 I would like to share with you the artwork of one of my most inspiring artist friends Chris Chun.   I have only known him for a few years but when I first laid eyes on his work my heart was touched deeply, he has the ability to capture nature and other beauty using traditional elements, but adding his own whimsical new refreshing vision. Chris has posted something about this topic today also,   his examples are perfect as to being inspired by ideas using things he saw and loved,  in a way that is perfectly legitimate  and original. Click for his post.

I think it's wonderful that so many people are enjoying crafts and being creative.   I think everyone has an inner voice to share artistically even those who say they cannot draw or paint.   Many people are purchasing all kinds of scrapbook papers and products for craft projects and using them to create new designs, that's a great thing,  however some of them don't understand that they cannot copyright that work and say it is  their own. There are many images that are in the public domain that people can work with legally and do not infringe others copyrights (for example Dover art has many books).  I highly recommend that those who would like to do something commercially and need some other art to work with use PD images, people can create something beautiful with those images and as long as they do something unique they can claim a copyright on it.

I apologize if this blog post is a little confusing to some, I struggle with the written word,  hopefully what I am try to share makes sense. I always tell people when they asked me if I have any tips on how to earn a living from their artwork as I do.  I say " firstly find your inner voice , it is okay to look around and be inspired however make sure whatever you do  is truly original and is not you trying to be somebody else."

UPDATE: Below is an example of a situation were an artist was told to use my designs as inspiration to create some new art.  As you can see why this would most likely be considered copyright infringement and is not an acceptable way to be inspired by another artist.  This happened years ago and i had a chance to chat with the artist direct and she was very lovely and just did not understand this crossed over the line. Thankfully her agent removed it from his offerings before licensing it to any one. 

The artwork was something already on the market so the artist had access to the two images togther.  Can you guess what design is not mine?


I would like to thank all my friends and colleagues  who have been sharing  about  this topic and bringing it to the attention of others who might not understand the difference between copying and being inspired. Here are the other artists who have participated in the hop.

Are you a quilter and love Maine or just love Miane?


You don't actually have to be a quilter to visit this wonderful shop in Cape Neddick Maine called Knight's Quilt Shop. They also carry great gifts, and there is a treasure in the backyard. I had a chance to get a personal tour from Michelle the owner of the shop, she is an amazing woman. When I walked into the shop I felt right at home and felt such great energy. The folks that work with Michelle are all first class sweet hearts.  While I was busy talking..quilt design and other girl things with Michelle  the boys were in the back enjoying the  chipmunks.  They have these really cool bird-feeders and the chipmunks gather around and have a great time it's the cutest thing in the world. I had no idea that we were visiting a quilt/nature sanctuary. Thank goodness the boys would have been bored silly!  Below are some pictures of our visit. Thank you Michelle for everything ! I will treasure our time together.

For those of you who would like to learn more about Michelle and read her great story you can read about it on her site.

Me and my new friend Michelle(sorry about the photo quality ) the camera setting was not working correctly. (or the hubby was not working correctly) .


Michelle in front of her shop.


Inside the shop . For more pictures you can click here.


I found some Hungarian blue fabric in these adorable fat quarter's. Many of the other patterns she had of mine were all sold out. This one was just hot of the press.


My son Max took this great chipmunk picture.


I had a few minutes with those cuties and this one struck a pose.


This the the Nubble Light house in Cape Neddick Michelle told us about. It is the most photographed lighthouse in the nation. The day we got over to it i was only able to capture a back-lite I turned it into an old time post card (sort of) .


More Maine vacation pictures coming soon.









Adventures in Atlanta

I went to the Atlanta gift show and had a great time.

I spent time with wonderful artist friends. I met new friends who I had  previously only known from the web. It was exciting to meet everyone up close and personal. So much talent.  I went to a very festive artful party given by Tom Haney and his wife Paula Joerling who both create beautiful artwork. Tom sells one of a kind artwork while Paula  creates art for licensing like myself.  I felt so blessed to have met Paula on Facebook and be invited to her party!  What kind and generous souls they are! 

Here are some of the artists at the party in Paula's most amazing loft studio.

This is me and the famous Tom Haney in his most amazing loft studio. For some great photos of his artwork from this event check out my friend Janet's  blog post.

Saturday night I went to a large dinner gathering with artists who I know from online and the industry. I had a great time. One of the highlights of my trip was meeting up with my childhood friend Shari.  We had a lovely breakfast at the Ritz.

Shari & me - I met her in 1st grade.


Here is a sampling of some of the products featuring my artwork from the show.
This is a sneak peak at my new Holiday design by Merritt International. I just love the way the sample came out!


Rose Garden by Certified International . You can pre-order this design here.


Tex Mex by Certified International .  


Tea Garden by Certified International.

Tea garden 3


Joy Studio Giveaway & Luna Blooms at Quilt Market

My kind thoughtful amazingly talented friend and colleague Janet, while attending the quilt market took some photographs of these dazzling designs made from my Luna Blooms fabric.  She is also doing a give-a-way on her blog. So please run on over and post to win. 

Many of the fun festive patterns were created by  Beach Garden Quilts head on over to their website to learn more about them.


What a fun bag!! 


Look at these darling chair covers and tablecloth from the booth.  


I love this sweet flower quilt!


Check out this exciting  floor matte .


Thank you so much Janet for these pictures. This below is from Janet's blog and her give-a-way. Her artwork is just breathtakingly gorgeous ..see for yourself! 


Surtex 2010

It was a fantastic show this year.  I had a great time connecting with dear friends, meeting with existing clients, meeting new companies and potential clients to license my artwork.  I had the most amazing dinner with my fabric company Clothworks at  Scarpetta. I enjoyed the company of industry colleagues and friends who are also working with Clothworks Ellen Crimi Trent  Sharyn Sowell, yours truly ,  Chris Chun.  I have so much to follow up with my head is spinning! Below is a picture of the designers and some of the yummy things we ordered.  I sure do wish I had a picture of Ted from Clothworks who so kindly took us out. Thank you Clothworks I am hoping you have a great quilt market and can not wait to see the pictures! 

A sampling of the yummy artfully designed food....





I was also blessed to enjoy a fantastic dinner with my dear friends and kindred spirits.  Beth Logan, Amber AlvarezJill Seale, Andrea Mistretta , little old me,  Chris Chun (I was so lucky I got to have dinner with Chris twice, he flew all the way from the land of OZ to NY ),   Linda Jacque,   Jane Shasky.  I was being picky about our table at first they put us outside, right in the loud streets of NYC. We changed tables and a few times the side door flew open. The universe wanted me to face my fears of those crazy streets.



Then I had some fun with Jill and Chris playing in Times Square.  Normally I am scared being in a big crowd like this but I felt like I was surrounded by such good friends and energy, I felt lifted and detached from my surroundings. I am so blessed to have so many talented sweet friends in this business.  You all just touch my heart!

Jill  & Chris enjoying NY NY! 


Myself & Jill painting the town, Jill is the funniest person I know (other than Jon Stewart, I knew him for about 3 minutes) , Jill  is a wordsmith, and amazing artist with a HEART of gold!!  


Myself and my dear true blue bud Andrea M(flowers by Sweet Jane), we have been friends ever since we meet at Surtex and shared a booth many moons ago. Andrea is pure magic, she brings happiness every were she goes!! Thanks Andrea for your loving kinship over the years!!! She is a star and she and her art shine  bright!

This is myself and my dear friend Beth(focus is overrated ) in my booth.  If it was not for Beth my booths would be in bad shape(she is the queen of booth design and so many other things), she is my booth director and she supports me in so many ways.  As you can see I love this girl .

I could go on and on and on about my artist friends: my new ones, my old ones, some I have mentioned and some not even at the show.   I really cant get over the LOVE I get from this people.  This is me in my booth. My artwork is new and not licensed yet (it will be soon I imagine) so I shall wait before I post my full booth.


I think I need to figure out how to set my point and shoot camera some of the photos are a bit grainy at times and kind of out of focus. Its a good thing focus is overrated. Thanks to everyone who shared all their love and support . My family has been amazing during the Surtex prep time. My son Max is my biggest fan. Love to all! Thanks to everyone who buys my art you guys rock!! 

PS..guess what..... I am going to be on a video soon.....I shall keep this a surprise!

Hand made with love....Thank you Diane!

I am so grateful to be the proud owner of this gorgeous hand made creation by my dear Friend Diane Knott.

Diane knott1
This is the lovely card that came with it. The card was lightly scented and when I opened this gift I felt like I was transcending into another place and time. It came at the right time for I am busy getting ready for a big trade show in NY called Surtex. It was such a delight  to stop for a moment to enjoy the gift.

Diane pays attention to every detail, on the back is a beautiful pattern and it is signed by the artist. You can even learn how to make these darling one of a kind treasures here on Diane's blog. 


Thank you Diane and Holly Knott!

My dear friend Diane Knott touched my heart today,  she blogged about my designs that are currently in Michael's craft stores.  Diane is a star in the world of art licensing she creates amazing timeless artwork and also has been designing some of the most extraordinary one of a kind artisan crafts such as tags, hand made cards, pins and more.   I would also like to thank  Holly Knott  her darling daughter,  who is an amazingly talented "contemporary art quilter, website designer, author, photographer, gardener, painter and cat mom" (I borrowed that from her blog) she spotted these and bought some and took the picture!  She recognized my style and was concerned for a moment that someone had knocked me off,  thankfully she found my name on the back. 


You might recognize those birdies, you can also find them on my new fabric collection by Clothworks  called Tweet Street,  that is getting ready to ship any day!


So many give-a-ways, so little time

I would also like to share  a couple of other give-a-ways today, since I'm on a roll. If you're not familiar with Terri Conrad's artwork,   now is a good time to introduce yourself and visit her blog. She creates beautiful delicate designs.  She is giving away this lovely sweet hand made beauty. 6a01053498c500970b0120a88e776d970b-pi
You can then hop on over to my dear friend Diane Knott's blog for her give-a-way . You still have time to enter to WIN!!  Diane does it all,  she creates beautiful artwork for products ,and also creates some of the most exquisite hand made crafts I have ever seen. I am convinced she has elves that live in her studio and work while she is sleeping.  Enjoy them all!!!! Good luck!


From the land of Oz

This is a first for me to link to an artists give-a-way, so I hope I get this right.  Chris Chun, whose artwork and personality I adore is having a give-a-away. If you have not already had the pleasure of meeting Chris and seeing his artwork, please follow the linkand join in on the fun.  


Helping Haiti with art

When you receive a package that has a cool cat head on the box you know it's going to be good.

My dear sweet friend Beth Logan,  (a rock star in the world of art licensing) has done something extremely generous. For the entire month of February, she is donating 100% of the price of all items she sells in her Etsy store to relief and recovery efforts in Haiti. I was able to purchase these beautiful hand painted cat boxes. I will cherish them always.

My son Max really hit the jackpot when he received a bonus surprise,  this one-of-a-kind  Sweater Cat......he named Catty! You can read more about how Beth makes these on her blog here.   This is bittersweet for when I think about all the sadness and difficulties going on in Haiti,  it breaks my heart.   I am just happy that so many people are doing so many things for the cause, like Beth is, thanks Beth!!