Are you a quilter and love Maine or just love Miane?


You don't actually have to be a quilter to visit this wonderful shop in Cape Neddick Maine called Knight's Quilt Shop. They also carry great gifts, and there is a treasure in the backyard. I had a chance to get a personal tour from Michelle the owner of the shop, she is an amazing woman. When I walked into the shop I felt right at home and felt such great energy. The folks that work with Michelle are all first class sweet hearts.  While I was busy talking..quilt design and other girl things with Michelle  the boys were in the back enjoying the  chipmunks.  They have these really cool bird-feeders and the chipmunks gather around and have a great time it's the cutest thing in the world. I had no idea that we were visiting a quilt/nature sanctuary. Thank goodness the boys would have been bored silly!  Below are some pictures of our visit. Thank you Michelle for everything ! I will treasure our time together.

For those of you who would like to learn more about Michelle and read her great story you can read about it on her site.

Me and my new friend Michelle(sorry about the photo quality ) the camera setting was not working correctly. (or the hubby was not working correctly) .


Michelle in front of her shop.


Inside the shop . For more pictures you can click here.


I found some Hungarian blue fabric in these adorable fat quarter's. Many of the other patterns she had of mine were all sold out. This one was just hot of the press.


My son Max took this great chipmunk picture.


I had a few minutes with those cuties and this one struck a pose.


This the the Nubble Light house in Cape Neddick Michelle told us about. It is the most photographed lighthouse in the nation. The day we got over to it i was only able to capture a back-lite I turned it into an old time post card (sort of) .


More Maine vacation pictures coming soon.









The color palettes of Maine

I went to Maine for the first time this year.  I have been hearing for years how special it is.  I have to agree Maine has that certain something.   I only got a taste of what Maine has to offer, we stayed in the Bar Harbor/Acadia area.  The tide-pools in Maine were incredible.   I could spend hours searching them and never get bored.  The colors were subtle often muted, not like the tropics,  yet as you studied a spot you would see many little hidden worlds.  I love hidden worlds in nature. 

I have created color palletes to go with some of my pictures. I was totally inspired by my friend and colleague Brenda Pinnick.  I see my photos in a very new light, thanks to Brenda.






I am not sure what these are called below,  my husband who is a science teacher kept telling me at the time. I just loved the pink tones and the smooth pearl like feeling to them .


 When staying in the Bar Harbor area of Maine you must check out the cool boat tours. We went on Lulu Lobster Boat .  I learned a lot about lobsters,  more then I needed to know.  Captain John was a lot of fun and very informative.  However he sure did trick me.   I learned that lobsters do not get rabies, Captain John had a good laugh at my expense. You can find some more interesting lobstering History here.


We also went on  Diver Ed’s Dive-In Theater  tour .  What a treat that was. Diver Ed actually goes diving and  you get to watch his underwater activities on a screen on the boat.    He then brings back all kinds of sea creatures that you can touch and enjoy.  I had no idea that starfish came in so many fashion colors!



In case you're wondering did I have any Lobster,  well yes.  I did.  It is Maine.  I found the best lobster at the " lobster pounds "  the lobster pounds I found had the best prices on the lobster however if you're looking for fancy schmancy decor this is NOT for you.  Atmosphere is important to me but at $ 4.50 a pound.  I can get over this. Many of the touristy restaurants in Maine are not doing the industry a favor by over charging for their lobster when wholesale prices are so low says a fisherman we spoke to. I found this interesting article that talks about the state of the industry. 

This was really fun. We had a wonderful breakfast at this funky bed and breakfast called  2 Cats and when my pancake was served I discovered it was on one my dinnerware designs  Tuscan Gardens by Sango .  I noticed a chip in the plate and thought to myself this reminds me of the plates i use in my home.  I took a second look and discovered it was my plate. 


We got to see one of the most incredible Sunsets at Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park. 

A lovely lighthouse


On the way home we stopped in Boston. Some photos from the Butterfly Garden at the Museum of Science.