• You have reached a blog that has "Zip", that's me Sue Zipkin. This is the place where I will share my latest design news and other hopefully interesting stuff. I am a mom, wife, friend, artist, designer,illustrator, cook, and sometimes cleaner. I have been designing artwork for products for thousands of years ( more like 3 decades ). I am blessed to be able to share my art with the world and I thank everyone who has been kind enough to purchase products with my designs on them. I hope to inspire others to pursue their dreams.
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  • Copyrights
    The artwork, text and photographs owned by Sue Zipkin contained throughout the pages of this blog may not be copied or reproduced without the express written permission of Sue Zipkin. Some of the photographs on this blog are owned by a third party and cannot be copied without their permission.
  • Sue Zipkin is not a manufacturer.
    I am an artist who licenses reproduction rights of my art to manufacturers who then produce the art on their products. All questions or concerns about the actual product and wholesale inquires need to be directed to those manufacturers.
  • Creating handmade items
    I encourage those creating handmade sewing projects from my fabric to sell on the web, craft shows and the like. I love handmade items. However, if you are a person planning to mass produce products using my designs (whether fabrics or incorporating any of my other artwork or products) that would require a license from me. Please contact me direct. Thanks, Sue Zipkin

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